Think you’re on top of your reviews?

When you publish your podcast on iTunes anybody can listen to it from anywhere. Isn't that great?
But ...

When listeners leave reviews, they do it in their country's iTunes store.

Do you really want to check your reviews in every country? No need, we do it for you!


We collect the iTunes reviews of your podcast from EVERY country, every day


When there's a new review we notify you via email, push notification and Slack


We organize your reviews so that you can browse them by country, date and rating

Don't waste your time finding and collecting your reviews

Your podcast on iTunes is published in 208 countries. Staying on top of your podcast reviews means you'd need to put in some serious time every day. That's time you could spend finding awesome guests or getting sponsors. Let us find your podcast reviews so you can focus on the rest!




  • Track up to 3 podcasts
per month


  • Track up to 8 podcasts
per month


  • Track up to 15 podcasts
per month

Running only one podcast? There's a plan for you, at just $30/year.

All plans include:

  • unlimited email notifications
  • unlimited Slack notifications
  • unlimited cards
  • daily update frequency
  • weekly report
  • RSS feed health check
  • graphs by time and country
  • Embeddable widget
  • cancel at any time
  • awesome support

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